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  • Definitions are linked to the award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary red words.
  • Extracts from Macmillan Readers encourage extensive reading.
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s File for the entire series includes culture and vocabulary notes, answer keys, photocopiable activities, extra vocabulary activities and wordlists.
  • A test generator CD-ROM with customizable tests is packaged in the Teacher’s File.
  • An accompanying website is available with printable vocabulary activities, wordlists, audio recordings of the reading texts as mp3 files, and weblinks related to themes in the series. Visit www.macmillanenglish.com/readingkeys to find out more.
Students are led into the high-interest unit topic with visuals, background information, and a preview.
Think About It activities at the start of every unit give students valuable speaking practice and allow them to express their opinions and personalize the material.
Ten Key Vocabulary Skills per level include using a dictionary, prefixes, collocations, synonyms, and recognizing parts of speech. Skills development progresses as the levels progress, to reflect students’ growing awareness and ability.
Students are encouraged to time themselves and record their reading speed, in order to aid fluency.
Texts are based on real-world material and aim to reflect the type of reading students relate to, from newspaper and magazine articles to stories, e-mails, advertisements, web pages and so on.
A glossary provides definitions of difficult words linked to the award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary red words.
Clear, structured practice in text-handling strategies gives students the Key Reading Skills they need to read more fluently, including skimming, understanding the main idea, scanning, inferring meaning, separating fact from opinion, and predicting.
Spotlight On Grammar sections feature an aspect of grammar covered in the unit, giving TOEIC-style practice.
Talk About It activities at the end of every unit, like the Think About It sections at the beginning, offer speaking practice, allowing students to express their opinions and making their learning meaningful.
An Extension feature at the end of each theme reviews the target grammar and vocabulary in a TOEIC-style practice activity.
For interested students who want further reading and practice on the theme, there are suggestions for what to look out for on the Reading Keys website.
Activity sheets at the back of the book help recycle target vocabulary from each theme in a fun way.
Key Skills Study Sheets at the back of the Student Book, explain the skill and offer examples, strategies and techniques to use, along with a practice activity, enabling students to practice each skill effectively.
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