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  • Carefully graded materials don't assume students are familiar with the world of work.
  • A focus is given on developing listening and speaking skills in business situations.
  • The course is set in a workplace context with characters students can relate to.
  • Viewpoints sections offer a variety of speakers' insights into aspects of culture and business.
  • Ongoing project tasks allow students to use the language studied to develop their own professional and company profile
  • There is an optional TOEIC® test-type practice page for each unit.
  • A supportive Teacher's Guide provides expansion ideas, tests and supplementary photocopiable activities.
Each unit starts with a Listen and Practice dialog between two or more main characters. Students engage with the dialog in a variety of ways including fill-in-the-blank exercises, multiple choice, predicting, and practicing the dialog in pairs.
The first language focus presents the key vocabulary and structures of the unit. Abundant guided practice activities in the form of communicative pair work and additional listening exercises lead students toward mastery and internalization of useful topic-related language and skills.
Conversation Strategy sections help students with important language and skills for effectively managing conversations in English. Strategies include starting and ending conversations, asking for clarification, and sounding polite.
Each unit includes a communicative pair information gap activity located at the back of the Student Book. Students must work together and use the target language to complete a topic-related task.

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In the Viewpoints sections, students read or listen to people from three different cultures talk about common business practices, such as exchanging business cards, working hours, or using technology. Exercises include open-ended group discussion tasks.
At the end of each unit, students complete a project related to the unit themes and content. These student-centered tasks provide an opportunity for students to apply what they have learnt in a personalized context.
Each unit is accompanied by a TOEIC® practice page to review the language from the unit and to give students experience of TOEIC® test-type exercises.
The Look It Up section at the back of the book takes highlighted vocabulary from the Viewpoints pages and provides definitions from the Macmillan English Dictionary, to help students become accustomed to using monolingual dictionaries.
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