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  • The Student's Book includes clearly defined topic and skills based units, as well as five case studies to push students to use the language and lexis they have learned in a more independent and creative way.
  • The Student's Book CD-ROM provides an interactive glossary and class audio as an mp3 download, making it a vital extra learning resource for busy professionals.
  • Real-world tasks and case studies encourage learners to draw on their own experiences to improve their communication skills.
  • The class audio features a wide variety of global accents.
  • The Teacher's Book provides a further 20 hours of teaching material through photocopiable worksheets and teaching notes, and tips for how to adapt material for 1:1 classes.
  • A Macmillan Practice Online course supports the series, with over 100 interactive language activities.

Topic units focus on current business issues and everyday skills around three areas: work issues, such as stress and time management; travel and communication (with particular emphasis on the internet and IT); and company life, focusing on tenses (enabling learners to discuss routines, past experiences and future plans in relation to their work/company).

Skills units focus on acquiring communication strategies for a variety of work-related and social contexts. Functional language is presented and practiced through dialogs. There is lexical input but no grammar focus in these units.

Each unit is clearly marked as either a topic and skills based unit. Click here.
Conversation phrase banks provide functional phrases to help students with the task they are about to complete.
Each Topics unit includes a Language Links section extending the vocabulary and consolidating grammar from the unit.
Vocabulary sections extend the lexical syllabus of the topic units, with practice activities that can be given for homework or used as the basis for vocabulary-building lessons. Handy Phrase Banks summarize useful language and help with revision.
Grammar in In Company is highlighted as it emerges naturally in the activities. Meaning is made clear through context and example, and adequate controlled practice is given before students use the language in more ambitious contexts. The grammar sections in the Language Links pages provide more explicit explanation and practice exercises.
Handy Phrase Banks summarize useful language and help with revision.
The new edition includes five Case Studies offering an extended context for integrated skills practice and role-play. They are based on authentic situations, acting as a background against which learners can contrast their decisions. A case study glossary at the back of the Student’s Book gives extra vocabulary support.
Every unit opens with a pertinent quotation by important figures in the world of business, or an extract from related web pages, which serve as a warm-up to the topic.
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