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The Business eWorkbook provides everything you would find in a print workbook, but with extra multimedia resources:

  • The Language Practice section contains activities to consolidate the language presented in the Student’s Book. Students can practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing.
  • The Watch section contains a video clip and worksheet to accompany each Student’s Book unit. The video clips are mini-drama episodes illustrating the communication and people skills in each unit, along with key unit language and exercises.
  • Students can test themselves at any point using the Tests section, setting the time or the number of questions. Test scores are recorded.
  • The Print and Work section offers a pen-and-paper version of the activities in the Language Practice section.
  • Students can refer to the Grammar Help for grammar rules and examples.
  • The Wordlists area contains the key words and definitions from the Vocabulary modules in the Student’s Book, while the Dictionary tool links to the Macmillan Dictionary Online.
  • Writing Tips provide explanations and exercises on aspects of writing, such as spelling, punctuation and paragraphing.
  • The Listen section contains all the audio recordings from the Student’s Book and eWorkbook,
together with the audio scripts. Students can download all the material to a mobile device for listening on-the-go.
  • All scores from the Language Practice and Tests feed directly into the Markbook and can be exported as a PDF.
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