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The Student’s Book contains eight units, each dealing with a key sector of activity in the business world, divided into six different types of modules. About Business modules contain information and language for the topic area, where the focus is on general understanding of the topic; Vocabulary modules build on the important words and phrases associated with the topic; Grammar modules help students practice the grammar in a communicative, meaningful way in business situations relating to the unit topic; Speaking modules build up a checklist of useful expressions, developing understanding and speaking skills in a business context; Writing modules analyze a model text with a focus on the key language, practicing document types students need to write in the workplace; and Case Study modules present authentic, problem-solving situations.

The Student’s Book also contains an opening Business Fundamentals section, introducing students to basic business principles and vocabulary. Reviews every two units consolidate students’ work and help them to catch up quickly if they’ve have missed a lesson. An Additional Material section at the back of the book contains all the extra materials students need to do pair- or group-work activities. There is also a Grammar and Practice section with clear summaries, examples and further practice of the essential grammar points covered at this level, as well as scripts of all the audio recordings and a glossary.

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