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  • The flexible approach provided by the modular structure of the course allows students and teachers to dip in and out of units and use the material to suit their needs.
  • The eWorkbook provides extra language practice, as well as audio and video downloadable to a tablet or phone for on-the-go learning. New videos offer models, both positive and negative, for the final speaking task, with commentaries by experts.
  • A Business Fundamentals section at the beginning of every level offers an overview of how business works with language and topics including business organization, financial control, economics and supply chain, and CVs and covering letters.
  • Special speaking tasks and case studies focus on vital interpersonal skills, in particular emotional intelligence, helping create great professionals.
  • Eight Case Studies in every level provide students with authentic problem-solving situations like those encountered in real business environments, giving students the opportunity to apply all the language and skills they have been learning.
  • The Teacher’s Resource Disc provides plenty of additional multimedia material to support and enhance lessons, including PowerPoint presentations and videos to supplement language and skills areas.
Every unit opens with an About Business section, which provides an introduction to the language and topic to come.
Glossary boxes highlight key vocabulary, with a page reference to the definitions in the Glossary at the back of the book. Red words are high-frequency items students should learn and use, while black words are receptive vocabulary which students simply need to understand.
Relevant, rich and interesting reading texts challenge students, as well as offering a context for the presentation of new language; the development of sub-skills such as skimming, scanning, or paraphrasing; and opportunities for discussion of the topics and ideas presented.
There is clear signposting of the objectives, language and themes of each module.
In each Grammar module, the Refresh Your Memory box reminds students of the key grammar points, and refers them to the relevant page of the Grammar and Practice section at the back of the book for consolidation.
Internet Research tasks in every module provide a basis for exploration of the topic in more detail. They can also be used to encourage independent study skills which are particularly important for students in tertiary education.
Useful Expressions boxes in the Speaking modules highlight appropriate language and provide support for students in their own speaking tasks.
Explicit links to the video content in the eWorkbook ensure that students make the most of the materials available to them.
Writing modules analyze a model text, focusing on the purpose, structure and key language, as preparation for the students’ own writing activity at the end of the module.
Students perform their own writing tasks, using the skills and language practiced in the model.
The Case Study modules provide an opportunity to apply all the language, skills and ideas students have worked on in the unit. They present authentic problem-solving situations similar to those students will meet in the workplace.
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