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Unique Features: First and Advanced

  • These two newly re-named levels have been revised to reflect the Cambridge English: First and Cambridge English: Advanced exam updates in 2015, with exam-style exercises included at each level, to prepare students who are studying specifically for these exams.
  • Access to the Practice Online courses gives additional computer-based practice, while both levels are available with or without answer keys, making them ideal for classroom work or independent study.
  • A Grammar Index and Vocabulary Wordlist at the back of each book help learners navigate more easily through the material.
  • The vocabulary section includes a special focus on phrasal verbs, prepositions and particles, and collocations, at First level (B2 in the CEFR); and, in addition to these, linking words and phrases, word formation, multiple meaning, and idiomatic expressions at Advanced level (C1-C2).

Unique Features: Elementary and Intermediate

  • The accompanying CD-ROMs contain extra computer-based practice for all units, including a test generator with 1000 items to produce printable and on-screen tests for all grammar and vocabulary areas.
  • Like the First and Advanced levels, both levels are available with or without answer keys.
  • Formation Rules, a Grammar Index, Vocabulary Wordlists, and an Irregular Verbs table can be found at the back of each book.
  • The grammar section at Elementary level (A2) includes units on punctuation, spelling, and word formation. At Intermediate level (B1), these three areas are further developed, while pronunciation, vocabulary skills (including dictionary work), collocations, and fixed expressions, also receive special attention.

Unique Features: IELTS

  • The IELTS course is only available in a with key edition.
  • The grammar and vocabulary sections focus on the academic aspect of the IELTS exam, including units on organizing text; linking words, phrases and synonyms for academic essays; reading and interpreting graphs, charts and tables; and the vocabulary from the Academic Word List (AWL).
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