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The Coursebook consists of 14 topic-based units (10 in PET), in which all four language skills are systematically and progressively developed and practiced. In-depth exam training is given in the form of What To Expect In The Exam, and How To Go About It help boxes, among others (Get Ready boxes in PET). A complete answer key is included with easy-to-use explanations (in the With Key editions).

In Ready for IELTS, vocabulary and word building skills make up a key part of the course, and there is a complete IELTS grammar syllabus. The Coursebook also includes IELTS Writing and Speaking Checklists.

Ready for First includes a Writing Bank, a complete First grammar syllabus, and a special emphasis on word-building, collocations and phrasal verbs.

The Coursebook is accompanied by a CD-ROM for the PET and IELTS courses; or an access code to Macmillan Practice Online for the First and Advanced courses.

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