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Unique Features: First, IELTS, Advanced

  • The First and Advanced Coursebooks have been updated and revised to include the changes to the relevant Cambridge English exams in 2015.
  • Ready for First and Advanced are accompanied by Macmillan Practice Online courses.
  • Useful boxes are designed to help perform different tasks: What To Expect In The Exam, How To Go About It, Don't Forget!, and Useful Expressions/ Language.
  • Language Focus sections encourage analysis and revision of the main grammar areas; Vocabulary sections help increase students' lexis; and Word Building/Formation sections focus on the most important aspects of word formation, ensuring students are fully prepared for this element of the Use of English part of the exam.
  • A two-page Review section at end of each unit offers revision and practice of the new language from the unit.
  • Supplementary Ready For… units give detailed information and training on each paper of the exam.
  • A Grammar Reference section at the end of the Coursebook offers detailed explanations of the unit grammar.

Unique Features: PET

  • There are two complete practice tests in the Coursebook, and six more on the accompanying CD-ROM.
  • Get Ready for PET… boxes offer advice and clear, helpful exam tips, with accompanying exercises.
  • A Grammar and Vocabulary Practice section at the back of the book ensures students are fully equipped to do well in the exam with the appropriate language for this level.
  • Examples of student writing with examiner's comments and marks guide students towards communicating the required message clearly and coherently, helping ensure exam success.
How To Go About It boxes give advice and guidelines on how to deal with different types of tasks and specific questions.
Useful Language boxes contain vocabulary and structures which can be used when doing a specific writing or speaking activity.
As well as providing thorough practice in all four language skills, each of the exam papers is specifically addressed.
Vocabulary sections focus specifically on the vocabulary areas covered in the Cambridge English: First syllabus.
Each unit includes one or more Language Focus sections, which analyze the main grammar areas that are required for the exam.
What To Expect In The Exam boxes contain useful information on what students should be prepared to see, hear or do in a particular type of task in the exam.
Clear, step-by-step guidance is given, using exam-style tasks to demonstrate how students should fulfill each requirement; and drawing their attention to useful, appropriate or inappropriate language.
A two-page Review section at end of each unit offers revision and practice of the new language from the unit.
Further information and advice is included in the supplementary Ready For… units, one for every part of the exam.
The Ready for Writing unit contains annotated model answers for each of the main task types (this section is particularly extensive in the Advanced level).
It also offers advice, useful language and practice writing tasks.
Ready for PET contains ten topic-based units of two lessons each, helping students develop a range of vocabulary to deal at a simple level with a number of everyday topics.
All four language skills are thoroughly practiced, as well as the vocabulary and grammatical areas required for the PET exam.
Get Ready for PET… boxes give students specific advice on different parts of the test.
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