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  • Four complete practice tests in each Testbuilder (except for TOEFL iBTTM which has two, and TOEIC® which has three) reflect exactly the level and range of task types students will face in the real exam.
  • Further Practice and Guidance sections contain test-specific exercises and tips to develop exam technique and encourage students to think about what constitutes a correct answer.
  • Useful language and ideas for the Speaking Paper are given.
  • Common problem areas are focused on.
  • There is a guided analysis of sample answers.
  • A complete answer key is included, with easy-to-use explanations as to how and why the model answer is right and the others are wrong (in the with key editions).
  • An Audio CD is packaged with each Testbuilder.
Most of the Testbuilders include an Introduction explaining what the different sections of the book are and how to use them; as well as a breakdown of the various Papers and Parts that comprise the individual exams.
To prepare students for the real Speaking exam, the examiner’s exact words are used in the relevant section(s).
Visual material uses the same format as in the Cambridge English exams.
Practical tips and language suggestions show how to tackle the tasks in the exams.
In all the tests, exam-style questions have the same format and layout as the Cambridge English exams.
Each part of the test is accompanied by Further Practice and Guidance sections, which aim to give students more information about how to tackle the particular task types in that part of the test.
A Detailed Study sections provide graduated exercises to enable students to improve their test technique, as well as language skills.
Further Practice for Speaking offers examples of possible question areas, guidance in topic development, and suggestions for useful language.
Sample answers highlight specific points (in this case, simple vocabulary) to show students exactly how they can improve and gain higher grades.
Sample answers for the Writing Paper tasks are found in the Further Practice and Guidance pages.
Candidates are expected to read and assess these sample answers before writing their own answers.
The Key and Explanation section contains task-specific mark schemes for all Writing Paper tasks…
…as well as detailed assessments of the sample answers which appear in the Further Practice and Guidance pages, with suggested marks.
A complete answer key is included in the Key and Explanation section, with detailed, easy-to-use explanations as to how and why the model answer is right and the others are wrong.
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