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The practice tests provide an introduction as to how the three exams -Starters, Movers and Flyers- are structured. For exam practice, they can be used to train students in how to approach each task, to recognize what kind of answers are required in each part, and then to put these sections together to practice progressing from one exercise type to another.

In addition to preparing for task types, the four practice tests in each level utilize language – both grammatical structures and vocabulary – from the Cambridge ESOL Starters, Movers and Flyers syllabuses. The Student's Books consolidate this familiar language with the style usage from the three exams. Grammar and vocabulary lists for each level can be found in the back of the corresponding Student's Book.

Many courses present and practice language topic by topic. In the tests, students will find the themes and language structures mixed together and will need to jump from one to another in their recall. Teachers can guide learners into the tasks and the target language using the practice tests in this series.

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