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  • Each level includes four complete practice tests, one for each language skill.
  • The tests closely reflect the exam in content, level and layout, to provide authentic and targeted practice.
  • Unique double-page speaking practice pictures give authentic oral exam practice, and also have added value in the classroom, with step-by-step teacher’s notes on activities to use in class.
  • Downloadable Teacher’s Notes guide teachers through the exam and include a complete audioscript and answer keys. See the Extras section.
  • An Audio CD is included for each Practice Test.
The Practice Tests layout is similar to what the students will see in the real exam where they are given individual A4 booklets with full-color illustrations.
All instructions and rubrics follow the same style as in the authentic YLE exams. There is always at least one example.
In this part of the listening test, students listen to six short dialogs, read a question for each, and decide which picture best answers the question.
Students will need to recognize language from a mixture of topics and to know if an affirmative or negative structure has been used, for example: She isn’t going by train.
The words in this exercise are from the same lexical group, making it easier for students. Although answers must be spelled correctly, students are guided by the number of spaces, the picture, and the jumbled up letters.
This reading activity requires students to understand a block of text rather than individual sentences, and complete it with appropriate words from the box. One is given as an example, and two others will not be used.
In part 1 of the speaking exam, students are asked about the scene. The oral examiner asks questions such as: ‘Where’s the giraffe? Where are the mice?’ Responses will progress through varying degrees depending on the ability of the candidate:
  • Silently points to the (mice);
  • Says ‘Here’ and points to the (mice);
  • Says ‘It’s/They’re here’ and points to the (giraffe/mice);
  • Says ‘It’s/They’re (under) the (window)’, possibly also pointing.
Because a certificate is awarded to all candidates completing the three papers, students of varying levels may sit the Starters Test. Students should be encouraged to give their best performance and expand on answers where they can, to demonstrate what they are capable of communicating and reflect their true ability.
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