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  • Structured practice progresses steadily towards Cambridge English: Young Learners test requirements at each level.
  • Test-type activities are included in the latter part of each Student's Book, as well as a Class Audio CD.
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Books provide extra material for consolidation with access to a package of online resources providing additional support.
Topics vary from toys, transport, and animals, to clothes, daily routines and sport, providing children with the language they need to do well in the exam.
At least one example is always given to ensure quick understanding of what the task involves.
In the Speaking paper of the exam, candidates are asked to place small object cards around a big picture, so they must feel confident with prepositions. Plenty of practice is given in this area.
There are many communicative activities that encourage students to interact with each other, providing lots of speaking and listening practice as they use the target language.
The types of activities vary from listening tasks, gap-fill exercises, interview and mingling tasks to information exchange activities and reading comprehension.
In this lesson, students talk about things and people that are close and far away, to practice 'this/that' and 'these/those' for the Listening paper.
It is important to help children notice the difference in the sounds in 'this' and 'these', so they can distinguish between them and pronounce them properly: both the short and long vowel sounds, and the 's' and 'z' consonant sounds.
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