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We know that finding quality online resources that you can trust can be a struggle, but with the Macmillan English Campus, teachers have access to a database of over 50 pre-built courses and more than 5,000 activities, all written by expert authors and teachers, and carefully graded.

The English Campus is designed to empower teachers and free up their time and resources with automatic marking, intuitive course-building tools and flexible ways to communicate with students.

Teachers have a database of over 50 pre-built courses and more than 5,000 activities at their fingertips, all written by expert authors and teachers.
Teachers just need to open the automatic gradebook to see at a glance how your students are doing, find out if anyone is struggling with their homework, or spot those who need a new challenge.
Teachers can message students with links, homework or support; helping to clarify doubts, provide feedback and encouragement.
Compile, publish and send students extra resources, from vocabulary lists to specific exercises plus links to materials outside the English Campus.
Campus teachers a digital Methodology library, available directly within their Campus, as well as our extensive Support Centre and our blog, to make sure you have a wealth of opportunities to discover new techniques and get inspired.
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