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Student's Book Pack 9789708092395 9789708092401 9789708092418
Buddy Book 9789708092302 9789708092319 9789708092326
Teacher's Edition 9789708092333 9789708092340 9789708092357
Class Audio CD 9789708092425 9789706508591 9789706508652
Teacher's Support CD Rom (English, all Levels) 9786074730067
Teacher's Support CD-Rom (Spanish, all Levels) 9786074730074
Buddy Box (all levels) 1120090401248
Macmillan Early Learners Photo Cards 1120090400098
Flashcards 1120090401132
Buddy Puppet 1120090400203
Macmillan Early Learners Posters 9781405068727
Macmillan Early Learners Flashcards 9781405068734
The Student's Book Pack contains the Student's Book and the Student's Take Home CD. The Teacher's Support CDRom contains a black-and-white electronic version of the Teacher's Edition in Spanish. The Buddy Box contains the Flashcards and the Buddy Puppet.
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