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Each level contains nine thematic units integrating content learning with English language and literacy, plus a final review unit based on an end-of-level play. Every unit focuses on concept and real-world exploration, and includes a hands-on experiment and fact and fiction reading texts. A sticker pack is included in the back cover, to consolidate target vocabulary.

Language and Early Literacy

In Level 1, children begin to build print awareness through the use of rebus sentences (a combination of pictures and words) and environmental print (noticing the written word in everyday life). They develop awareness of the sounds in English words (phonemic awareness) as they clap syllables and identify words that start with the same sound. In Level 2, children progress to early phonics, learning the name, shape, and sound of common English consonants. In Level 3, children progress to identifying short vowel sounds and explore word blending, sounding out and writing simple English words. Across all three levels, children are encouraged to develop a love of reading through theme-related stories in each unit.

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