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Macmillan Children's ReadersYLE Practice Tests
  • Bounce Now includes digital components for both students and teachers, with games, audio and projectable pages from the Student's Books and Big Book Builders.
  • Home Study pages are integrated in to the Student's Book, meaning parents can monitor and evaluate children's progress and see what they are doing in class.
  • An Activity Resource Book for students provides black line masters and song activity sheets for each level, giving students responsibility for their own learning, with access to the audio on their Multi-ROM CDs.
  • The Big Book Builder poster resources offer incorporated picture dictionaries and attractive artwork, Bounce Beats vocabulary and pronunciation chants, and Dialogue Drills to pair work and class audio practice activities.
  • Learning competencies are highlighted both in the Student's Book and Teacher's Edition.
The Talk Time feature gives children the opportunity to personalize new language through an oral activity.
The Word Window activity allows children to reproduce the new language in each unit through a craft activity, using the corresponding black line master from the Activity Resource Book.
The Today's Grammar board in each unit provides a summary of the new structure(s) to be learned.
In each unit, the Bounce Back feature reviews language from the previous unit, so students are constantly recycling language.
Home Study pages are incorporated in the back of the Student’s Book, with a footnote clearly indicating when to use them.
Fun songs in each unit offer a context for the new language, as well as further practice. Corresponding song activity sheets are included in the Activity Resource Book.
In every Lesson 8, students relate the language learnt to other contexts, such as math, science or geography, helping them learn about the real world in a fun, practical way.
The Bounce Around pages include a variety of activities to develop the learning competencies. In this case, the ‘learn’ icon demonstrates activities that promote the use of learning strategies.
In Talk About activities, students have the opportunity to reproduce the new language from the unit and use it in the context of other subjects.
Write About activities allow students to practice and develop writing through similar texts.