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All the work covered in the Pupil's Book is reinforced by exercises in the Workbook. These are designed to be introduced and explained by the teacher and to be completed independently, either in the classroom or for homework. They allow children to work at their own pace and give teachers the opportunity to see what children can achieve when working alone.

Most pages mirror the Pupil's Book sections, for example Grammar in Conversation; others extend skills practice, such as the Writing Preparation and Composition Practice pages, corresponding to the writing strand of Class Composition; while additional study skills pages introduce children to dictionary skills and other thinking skills, and help them become constructive, independent learners. Every unit includes two Check-up pages of grammar revision.

Portfolio and Diploma pages at the back of the Workbook form each child's own record of progress and achievement. They can be removed from the Workbook and included in an individual portfolio of work

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