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Poster Pack

(only available for levels 5 & 6)

Eight posters, one for each unit, illustrate the stories on one side and the unit grammar on the other, to aid grammar presentation in class. The grammar is color-coded: green for affirmative, red for negative and yellow for interrogative.

Teacher's Resource File

See a sample unit

Audio CDs

The class audio contains recordings of all the stories, songs, chants, mini-dialogs, reading texts and pronunciation activities. Each song has a karaoke version, which children can use when they are more familiar with the words. The audio also includes pronunciation models for all the main vocabulary, and recordings for the unit, term and end-of-year tests.


The course DVDs include live footage sketches, animations, songs with optional song lyrics, and stories.


A pack of full-color Flashcards illustrate key vocabulary and can be used for presenting and practicing new language, showing understanding of songs, rhymes and chants, and in revision activities and games. The Teacher’s Notes give instructions on how to use the cards in each unit.

Word Cards

A pack of black-and-white Word Cards contain the words that correspond to the Flashcards illustrations, and can be used alongside the Flashcards to present and practice key vocabulary.

Story Cards

(only available for levels 1-4)

A pack of full-color, laminated cards support story-telling in levels 1-4. On one side, the Story Cards have an enlarged version of the story frame from the Pupil’s Book, while on the reverse is the corresponding narrative and dialog. There are also comprehension questions on the back of each card, to check understanding of the story.
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