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Macmillan Children's ReadersYoung Learners English Skills500 Activities for the ClassroomChildren Learning English
  • The Pupil's Books include special festival lessons, and a Picture Dictionary which becomes increasingly sophisticated, to reflect the growing maturity of the students as the levels progress.
  • CLIL lessons in every unit provide the opportunity to integrate other subject areas into the English class.
  • The Teacher's Resource File is a complete support package for the teacher, with detailed Teacher's Notes, teaching tips, evaluation and assessment materials, and photocopiable resources.
  • Plenty of extra components and resources are designed to motivate students and facilitate the teaching situation, such as full-color Story Cards and Find Out About Science and Art activity books; student CD-ROMs and class DVDs; and tests at two levels of difficulty, to cater to mixed ability classes.
In Lesson 1, songs and chants present the unit vocabulary.
Lesson 5 ends with an Around the World section, offering short reading texts on topics of multi-cultural interest.
In Lesson 6, a full-page comic strip story recycles the language from the first five lessons in each unit.
Each Lesson 3 involves using material from the Activity Book in a craft activity or game to practice the target grammar structure or vocabulary.
A CLIL lesson in every unit provides the opportunity to integrate other subject areas into the English class. The magnifying glass in the top corner of these pages shows which content is being developed.
Say It Well! in Lesson 7 focuses on pronunciation and phonics.
A simple reading text at the end of each unit promotes reading for pleasure.
Lesson 8 directs students to the Activity Book, where a revision lesson reviews the whole unit.
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