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  • Emphasis is placed on the science content throughout the course. The language has been carefully graded and structured to ensure the integral development of English language skills alongside biology, physics, geography, history and social science content.
  • Children are introduced to scientific investigation skills by carrying out experiments, collecting evidence, observing things around them, and recording their findings in charts or by drawing, labeling or writing results.
  • Content-based songs, raps and stories contextualize the concepts being learned, and can be played by the children at home as well as at in school on their Vocabulary and Songs CDs, packaged with the Pupil's Books in levels 1-2, and with the Activity Books in levels 3-6.
  • Revision pages at the end of every Pupil's Book unit review the main concepts and language, and contain a self-assessment section for children to evaluate their progress.
  • Accompanying interactive whiteboard material includes slide presentations; animations of scientific processes such as the water cycle; interactive posters with audio; and simulations of experiments, ideal for when real experiments can’t be done conveniently in class.
At each level of the course, there is a two-page introductory unit.
Short reading texts introduce the new language...
... and vocabulary is clearly presented and illustrated.
A two-page introduction to the unit topic presents illustrations, photographs and activation questions, allowing students to talk about what they already know.
Learning objectives are clearly presented on each page.
Let's Investigate real-world experiments provide learners with practical, hands-on experience in order to develop investigative skills.
The main concepts are presented through stories, as well as factual reading texts, with detailed illustrations to help comprehension.
Throughout the course, there is a focus on values and skills for everyday life.
A double-page Let's Remember section at the end of each unit revisits the main concepts and language of the unit.
A short self-assessment section allows children to evaluate what they have learned throughout the unit.
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