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  • Next Stop has strong visual appeal with an extensive use of photographic images.
  • Striking unit opener pages feature interesting facts from countries around the world, and can be used to create interest in the topic and motivate children, as well as to pre-teach vocabulary.
  • The course builds cross-cultural awareness by comparing and contrasting new places with children's own experiences, offering many opportunities for personalization.
  • A unique international music program presents catchy tunes that recycle language, in a musical genre related to the unit country!
  • A complete integrated phonics syllabus aids reading and pronunciation in every unit. Target sounds are presented with fun visuals while audio models provide controlled practice, and stories in the following lesson develop reading of the same sounds.
  • Values-based stories are followed up with discussion points in the Teacher’s Edition and additional project activities in the workbook.
  • Your World Posters support language presentation and consolidation. Children can also connect their real-world knowledge with the new language by pasting cut-out magazine images in the Your World window.
The unit opener features a beautiful full-color photograph which introduces the theme and the unit country.
Children are encouraged to personalize the topic, comparing an aspect of the photo to their own country and experience.
Where there is a Workbook activity to support the Student’s Book page, this is clearly signposted.
The songs in Next Stop continue the country themes with lively, catchy tunes in a musical genre that relates to the unit country.
  1. Click to play this unit song!
The Grammar Stop feature easily highlights the new grammar structures for the students.
Lesson 7 is the country page, unique to Next Stop. Our explorer characters take us to a new location every unit. Reading is the prime focus of the lesson, bringing an accessible, cultural part of the world into the children’s lives.
Each lesson 7 ends with a sticker activity. Children find the unit sticker on their sticker page and place it on the World Map (see below) to complete their ‘visit’ to that country.
Lesson 8 is the counterpart to lesson 7, where children personalize and present information about their own countries, allowing them to compare with what they have just learned about a different country in lesson 7.
Stop and Check is an optional review lesson, providing flexibility for teachers who need more material in their program, or those whose classes need more controlled language practice.
Every unit ends with a simple self-assessment for the children to complete. Each child checks the appropriate smiley face based on his/her competency with the ‘I can’ task listed in the My Progress evaluation box.
Children stick the different unit stickers on their World Map and watch it fill up with facts and information picked up from around the world! There is also a My House sticker, so that children can relate where they live to the countries they have ‘visited’.
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