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  • A new 24-page section in the Student's Book offers comprehension activities for every text, allowing students to consolidate their learning through a variety of written activities, challenges and puzzles, as well as text interpretation activities which develop critical thinking skills.
  • An accompanying audio CD features every text read by skilled story-tellers, enhancing students' experience as listeners and readers and raising their awareness of the subtleties of story-telling, such as pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.
  • The Teacher's Edition includes extended teacher's notes that suggest activities for before-reading, while-reading and follow-up. They also highlight reading strategies to develop effective reading skills such as reading for gist, skimming, predicting content, summarizing, and more.
  • New unit tests in the style of the Cambridge Young Learners exams enable teachers to assess students' language and reading comprehension.
Non-fiction texts cover cross-curricular topics and contribute not only to the achievement of English language learning goals, but to a wider general knowledge and the development of the whole child.
Visual literacy skills are developed through beautiful illustrations and photos, helping children predict content, construct meaning and interpret a range of non-verbal information.
‘Challenge’ activities invite students to undertake a research project with a practical end product that can be presented in class.
Questions within the texts not only check understanding, but actively encourage critical thinking skills, promote discussion, and enable students to express their opinions.
Activity pages for every reading text contain stimulating comprehension activities and follow-up tasks that often involve Internet research. They can be done in class or for homework.
Photocopiable pages provide additional fun activities…
…allowing the text to be related to the reader’s own experience.
…to promote specific reading strategies such as reading for detail and interpreting pictures.
…allowing closer analysis of key language.
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