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This CD-ROM contains interactive and photocopiable activities to develop the language and themes presented in the course. It is divided into three main sections:
  • The Administration Center provides flexible lesson planners with an alternative timing feature, student progress records and test logs.
  • The Teacher-Parent Communication area contains newsletters and certificates.
  • The Teacher's Resource Center offers unit tests with answer keys, animated grammar presentations, projectable posters with audio and activity worksheets, values development worksheets, and a complete spelling bee handbook.
Referencing in the Teacher's Edition suggests when to use material from the Teacher's Resource CD, signposting where to find extension activities, and how best to exploit the projectable posters, along with extra tips on using them in the classroom.

There is a Values worksheet for every unit to consolidate the value introduced in the Student Book and help children to personalize it.

The Picture Dictionary from the end of the Student Book unit is presented digitally for language review. The Teacher’s Edition gives ideas on how to use it, making it a flexible, interactive class resource!

The projectable poster comes with a worksheet and teacher’s notes to explore to the full the possibilities that each interactive poster offers.

Teachers can enter the Administration Center for lesson planners and progress records; the Parent-Teacher Communication area for newsletters and certificates; and …
…the Teacher’s Resource Center for all of this per unit!
The Moving Grammar animated grammar presentations are useful for teachers who want clear and easy demonstrations of important grammar points presented in the Student Book.
The interactive poster has integrated audio and ‘pop up’ information, helping teachers present, review and consolidate vocabulary in an innovative and flexible way, and encouraging class discussion.
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