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  • Highly photographic Student Books focus on real-world themes, and are complemented by digital real-world
    e-Readers to encourage children to explore the themes independently as well as to enjoy reading.
  • Take Shape offers a six-level spelling program with a strong writing strand, and an integrated picture dictionary in every unit to promote lexical development.
  • Catchphrase Dialogs (in levels 1-4) and Catchphrase Role Plays (levels 5-6) at the end of each Student Book provide fluency practice and emphasize the importance of transportable chunks of language.
  • A companion Teacher's Resource CD includes projectable audio posters with teacher's notes and follow-up activities, and animated grammar presentations, for use on an interactive whiteboard or laptop/projector combination.
  • Take Shape promotes key values to encourage children to reflect on their role within the community and the world at large, and to help them develop into positive, responsible, happy members of society.
The unit opener features a beautiful full-color picture or photograph which introduces the theme and the lexical set.
The real-world link enables students to learn more about the world around them, themselves, and other people through recognizable and interesting themes or questions. Children are encouraged to think, make deductions, and express their conclusions in English.
Mini extension acitivities give children a chance to discover more language, or show other words or phrases they know, with the help and collaboration of their teacher and classmates.
The listening practice is often a song, chant, poem, or text, which motivates children to recognize the familiar language and join in.
A focus on key values in every unit encourages children to understand the concept of different values, helping them develop into positive, responsible members of society.
The Take Note feature focuses children on the key aspects of the new grammar. There are activities in the Teacher’s Edition to consolidate this.
Interesting and relevant texts for the age group introduce grammar and/or functional language in context.
Lesson 5 helps students gain confidence in spelling and pronunciation, laying the groundwork for knowing how to approach these difficult areas of English and seeing how they relate.
Key spellings are presented in a fun story, rhyme or text, focusing first on spelling, then listening to, isolating and practicing the sounds.
Tongue twisters reinforce the target spelling in a fun way! A clear model on the Audio CD is further consolidated in the Workbook.
The Shape Up! Sections review and recycle language from the previous two units, through entertaining and creative activities.
The real-world extension lessons broaden children’s knowledge of the world and allow them to reflect on real issues.
Students are given the opportunity to express their own opinions and points of view around the topic.
Projects foster peer collaboration and individual creativity, and give students the freedom to recycle the language they choose. Students are encouraged to share their work and discuss with classmates.
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