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  • Code MPO has over 100 online interactive resources for each level, accessed through a code in the Workbook Plus.
  • Easy-to-use interactive whiteboard material brings the book to life and motivates the class.
  • The lexical and grammatical syllabus is based on the Threshold and Vantage levels of the CEFR.
  • Writing Banks, Speaking Files and Grammar sections provide invaluable reference tools, with regular review sections.
  • The Workbook continues the cross-curricular topics in the Student's Book and includes six CLIL lessons.
  • The Teacher's Book includes comprehensive teaching notes, a CD containing editable tests, and a resource pack with communicative practice of language and skills for each unit, in addition to a 'Can do' self-evaluation table for use after each unit.
The Dive In! warm-up activity at the beginning of every reading section introduces the topic of the reading text.
The Words In The Text section aims to develop students' strategies for dealing with unknown text vocabulary, i.e. guessing the meaning of words from the context.
The Quick Chat box allows students to consolidate the content of the reading text with a speaking activity.
Fun activities or quizzes can be a motivating way to present new language related to the topic.
The grammar presentation boxes are followed by consolidation exercises. Students are referred to the Grammar Database at the back of the book for further explanation.
The Writing section provides writing skills development by focusing on a specific text type (e.g. formal letter, report, story).
A model text is analyzed for ideas, organization, language and task achievement.
Language Chunks boxes offer useful language for specific writing (and speaking) functions.
Quick Check! lists help students plan and structure their writing tasks at the end of every unit.
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