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Wordlists App

Wordlists are available as an app for every level of the Gateway series, for purchase within Sounds: The Pronunciation App (Premium Edition only). Individual wordlists contain additional vocabulary (single words and phrases), the phonemic transcriptions, and the audio recordings for all vocabulary. In the app you can do any of the practice or quiz activities using any of your purchased wordlists, as well as accessing all of the vocabulary within the wordlist section.

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Gateway Practice Online

Gateway Practice Online is a new supplementary practice environment with an exam and testing focus intended to prepare students for their final school leaving or university entrance exams. The materials follow the Gateway scope and sequence and explicitly provide preparation for KET, PET and FCE exams, although they could also be used for any English language exam. The provision of extended practice following exam-style question types offers a more serious approach to language practice, with grammar and vocabulary exercises and invaluable pronunciation practice.

For more information about how Macmillan Practice Online works, watch the short video in:

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