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The Workbook can be used in class or as self-study, providing extra grammar and vocabulary exercises and opportunities to practice reading, speaking and writing. It also provides more challenging material in the form of Grammar Extension and Vocabulary Extension, which are particularly valuable in mixed-ability classes.

Every two units there are two-page Revision units helping students check their own progress and, with the 'Can Do' Progress Checks in the Student's Book, plan future work and prepare for upcoming tests more efficiently. Cumulative one-page Progress Tests are also included for grammar and vocabulary, providing essential recycling of all previously taught language.

The back of the Workbook contains a mini dictionary with entries from the Macmillan Essential Dictionary. The words have been selected from the Student's Book and Workbook and include other words that often appear in school-leaving exams. The iconic red words and star ratings have been maintained in the wordlist.

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