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  • The course includes a wealth of mixed ability activities to help classes with students who finish quickly and for those who need more support.
  • Pronunciation activities in every module focus on common problems using rhythm drills, intonation, stress patterns and vowel sounds.
  • There is an illustrated grammar summary at the back of the Student's Book, with grammar references and Check your Grammar practice activities.
  • Story extracts from Macmillan Readers encourage more extensive reading.
  • Learning diaries in the Activity Book allow students to record and assess their personal progress, in line with the CEFR.
  • The Teacher's Book offers plenty of teaching tips ranging from peer correction to memorization, with a particular focus on helping students with dyslexia.
The lesson objectives box at the top of the three double-page presentation lessons tells students clearly what they can expect to achieve in each lesson.
Real English boxes highlight common, everyday expressions in reading texts and dialogs.
Useful expressions provide functional language chunks to help students complete specific speaking or writing tasks.
Grammar Spot boxes highlight grammar structures and direct students to the grammar summary at the back of the book, where they can find more detailed grammar explanations and further practice.
Vocabulary is recycled throughout the course and students are encouraged to use techniques such as word maps, collocation, association, imagery and memory games to help memorize new words.
Check your English activities at the end of every presentation lesson encourage learners to take responsibility for their language progression in accordance with the CEFR.
A double-page skills spread offers skills practice through a cross-cultural focus. The Teacher’s Book includes extra cultural information to help with these lessons.
Study tips give advice on specific aspects of language learning, helping students becoming better, more effective, autonomous learners.
Including ‘Can do’ statements in line with the CEFR, Review spreads in every module allow students to reflect on their own learning by focusing their attention on what they have learned successfully, and what they need to practice more.
Modules end with an Extra Special lesson, which incorporates fun activities and a mini project.
Mini projects at the end of each Extra Special lesson have a communicative language focus. The written stage of the task is a perfect homework activity.
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