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  • Laser New Edition combines a clear and practical focus on exams preparation, without being an explicit exam preparation course, allowing students to improve their level of general English too.
  • A Get Ready! section (Get Warmed Up! in later levels) at the beginning of every unit offers structured reading preparation tasks and introduces the key vocabulary for the topic.
  • In levels A1+ and A2, two Wordpower! sections per unit present and practice key lexis related to the unit topic. In later levels, these are replaced by more sophisticated Dictionary Corner sections, which encourage the use of dictionaries and more autonomous learning.
  • There is a comprehensive writing activity at the end of each unit. Project Planner sections in earlier levels provide more structured support in organizing writing tasks, while levels B1 to B2 include Composition Planners separately at the end of the Student's Book, to assist with planning.
  • A new Webquest feature every other unit provides a fun wrap-up activity for students where they have to use independent research to find answers on the Internet.
  • An excellent bank of reference material is supplied at the end of the Student's Book: a Writing Database, a Vocabulary Database, a Speaking Database, and a Grammar Database, amongst others.
  • The Teacher's Book is packaged with a DVD-ROM containing editable tests, a test generator and teacher's support videos, as well as a digital version of the Student's Book, with integrated audio.
In levels A1+ and A2, KET-type exercises help students acquire relevant exam practice.
Units open with a visually attractive, lively Reading spread, which generates interest and presents the unit topic.
The Get Ready! section at the beginning of every unit introduces key topic vocabulary.
Two Wordpower! sections in every unit help students develop comprehensive lexical knowledge.
Throughout the units there are regular references to exercises in the Workbook that students can do as homework.
Phrase Bank! and SoundSpot sections in every unit provide key phrases and pronunciation practice to support and enhance speaking skills.
Every unit contains two Grammar boxes followed by consolidation exercises. Students are referred to the Grammar Database at the back of the book for further explanation and practice.
The Writing spread in every unit contains preparation exercises…
… as well as a writing model…
… and a Language Lab feature, which highlights appropriate styles and techniques.
The project Planner in every unit carefully guides students through the steps towards completion of the writing task.
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