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  • The Digibook provides an on-screen version of the Student Book with integrated audio, plus additional interactive practice with over 120 activities, videos and gradebook functionality.
  • Teachers have access to all the student content of the Digibook, as well as additional support material: photocopiable resources, a test generator program and answer keys.
  • There is a strong emphasis on skills, in particular on listening and speaking, with sub-skills (such as conversation strategies, or listening for opinion), clearly signposted in the Expansion section.
  • Authentic, natural language is presented and practiced through clear, contextualized and achievable tasks.
  • A broad, international, cross-cultural flavor goes hand-in-hand with a range of native and non-native speaker accents.
  • The program offers genuine flexibility: teachers can 'pick and mix' through the sections, adapting the course to the needs of each class without it losing its integrity.
  • Breakthrough Plus has strong links to the CEFR, with regular student self-assessment checks and ‘Can do’ statement signposting.
Natural language is presented in engaging contexts.
The Language Box feature highlights the target grammar and refers students to the Grammar Reference at the end of the book.
Guided speaking activities give students the confidence they need to progress steadily from controlled practice to freer self-expression.
Communication Activity boxes refer students for further practice to a section at the back of the book with fun communicative tasks such as roleplays.
The Challenge! feature is useful for mixed-ability classes, providing optional activities to motivate more able students.
Students are clearly signposted to specific instructions or tasks in the Digibook, e.g. watching the unit video.
Frequent opportunities are given for personalization of the language and/or topic.
The Expansion pages offer more specific sub-skills practice, clearly indicated under the basic language skill.
The Study Guide box helps students organize their ideas and breaks writing tasks down into manageable chunks of language.
A Review section every three units ensures students are retaining the language learned in the previous pages, with a focus on using it rather than being tested on it.
The Skills Check builds students’ confidence as they see their language improve, and is benchmarked to the CEFR.
Students are directed to the Digibook for further practice, ideal for expanding learning into relevant and easy-to-access homework.
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