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  • Global contains a high proportion of authentic texts, which, like the course topics, are sophisticated and information-rich, chosen to appeal to the intellectual curiosity of both the adult learner and teacher.
  • Today, English is just as often used for communication between second language speakers, and this is recognized throughout Global. The Global Voices sections give students the opportunity to listen to a range of authentic recordings of both native and non-native English speakers.
  • Global English sections provide extra reading practice with texts written especially for the course by David Crystal, world-renowned expert on the English language.
  • The revolutionary eWorkbook features interactive activities and printable worksheets; as well as extra authentic audio and video materials which can be downloaded to an mp3 or video player for learning on the go.
  • The comprehensive Teacher’s Book contains everything you need to teach with Global, including a range of specialist methodology essays written by well-known and award-winning ELT authors.
  • The unique Global website at www.macmillanenglish.com/global is a resource site supporting teachers.
The contents sidebar directly beneath the unit title summarizes the content on every spread so you can see at a glance what the lesson is about.
Reading tasks and discussion questions for texts encourage reflection and critical thinking.
Support for a wide variety of speaking tasks is given as Useful Language (vocabulary) and Useful Phrases (constructions). Many speaking tasks allow students to choose from different tasks or questions, offering more flexibility (e.g. in mixed ability classes).
Authentic reading texts are taken from a wide variety of sources, with a strong literary focus, and are chosen to appeal to the learners’ intellectual curiosity.
Regular Extend Your Vocabulary boxes draw on language in the unit and help students gain a deeper word knowledge. Word families, easily confused words and different ways of expressing concepts are covered in these sections.
Every lesson has a reading or listening text. Listening texts are supported by different tasks for gist and specific listening, and cover a variety of genres, including lectures, presentations, interviews and dialogs.
Short grammar explanations are provided on the page, with subsequent contextualized and meaningful grammar practice.
A cross reference is given to the Grammar Focus sections at the back of the Coursebook, offering further explanation and grammar practice.
A focus on sounds, stress and intonation is included. Pronunciation is integrated into the language points of the lesson, helping students to achieve international intelligibility.
Texts are either information-rich or extracts from classic and modern literature. Background information about the book and the author is provided to give students extra cultural knowledge. All texts are also on the class audio, so students can listen as well as read.
Each unit includes a Function Globally section covering frequent functional and situational language that is immediately useful outside the classroom.
Global Voices

Every other unit contains a listening section featuring authentic unscripted conversations between native and non-native speakers of English, exposing learners to real English as it is being used today.
Extra reading texts in the Global English sections in every other unit have been written specially for the course by David Crystal, and provide interesting information about the English language.
Each Global English and Global Voices page ends with an extended speaking task, allowing students to personalize the language.
Each unit focuses on a specific writing skill and a language point, presented within a particular genre. Learners’ critical ability is developed by reading, analyzing and correcting one aspect of a model writing text.
Texts are based on authentic pieces of writing by real international students at upper intermediate level, reflecting the interests of a worldwide audience and providing real models within their capabilities.
Informal language and idioms are introduced and discussed throughout Global.
Structured preparation tasks, useful language and paired activities guide students towards production of a final piece of writing.
Developing effective study skills and strategies is an essential part of language learning. The study skills section in each unit focuses on a particular skill or strategy.
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