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The Coursebook comprises three self-contained modules, each of four units and a review unit, with 15 hours of core material per module. Engaging reading texts, based on authentic sources such as excerpts from magazines, the internet and books, occur at least once in each unit and offer a combination of global, gist and detailed information tasks. The main reading texts are recorded on the Class Audio CD, giving students the flexibility of optional extra listening practice, and consolidating pronunciation features such as word and sentence stress, and intonation.

Productive activities give students the opportunity to respond personally to reading texts and issues. Speaking activities include pairwork, small and larger group discussions, and more substantial tasks such as roleplays and presentations; while writing activities cover various genres and have been chosen as practical examples of writing tasks students are likely to come across in everyday life, like emails, messages and writing your resumé.

A Language Study section in every unit focuses on grammar and other language considerations such as politeness and register, as well as language subskills for specific purposes.

Thorough Review Units at the end of each module recycle the language from the preceding four units, and feature a song related to the module theme, with a short factfile about the singer and/or songwriter. There is also an extended productive task, such as a roleplay or discussion, using the language from the module.

An Extra Practice section, Grammar Reference pages, a Wordlist and Communication Activities can also be found at the end of each module, as well as the audioscripts.

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