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Only available for New Inside Out. Not available for the American English editions or the original British English version.

Designed for the 21st-century classroom, New Inside Out Digital is the perfect blended-learning tool. Completely platform-independent, the software works with any interactive whiteboard, or laptop and projector, and is both Windows and Mac compatible. All of the special tools for interacting with the content are built directly into the software.

The Digital Book features an interactive version of the complete Student's Book on screen, allowing you to combine traditional book-based learning with all the associated multimedia assets of the digital version. Zoom in to content on-screen with no loss of resolution, and access the audio and video content instantly by tapping on the relevant icon.

The Teacher's Area provides powerful tools that allow you to create custom presentations easily, or adapt the provided templates to suit your needs. Game templates can be used to produce impressive class activities quickly, while the comprehensive training material supplied with the software means you can get up to speed with the technology in no time!

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