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  • The Inside Out series is a classroom tested course for young adults and adults. It has been designed to develop language skills and transfer them to the real world.
  • Realistic tasks help students develop listening and reading skills through a rich selection of accessible and entertaining texts. The tasks are highly personalized to make learning meaningful and facilitate language acquisition.
  • A brand new beginner level makes the series accessible even for true beginners (Pre-A1) with no previous knowledge of the language.
  • Expanded grammar sections (on average, two per unit) offer comprehensive coverage of key language points, and refer students to new Grammar Extra sections at the back of the Student’s Book for extended explanations and practice of this language.
  • The new Useful Phrases section offers a language bank of functional English, providing students with key, real-world language they need outside the classroom.
  • Vocabulary Extra recycles key vocabulary and provides students with a wordlist of useful vocabulary to refer to.
  • The new edition offers new components: Viewpoints DVD with downloadable worksheets, and level-specific MPOs for additional independent study and practice.
Units are built around topics students are interested in.
Students are encouraged to engage with the material on a personal level by relating topics to their own lives and experiences.
Motivating reading texts have been adapted and graded to suit beginner students. They have been selected not only for their language content, but also to be interesting and appropriate for the adult learner.
Articles are sourced from real magazines, books and websites, and are chosen for their relevance to learners’ lives.
Grammar reference sidebars give easy access to reference information.
Pronunciation work on particular areas of sound, stress, and intonation is integrated into every unit.
Activities are designed to make students keen to speak. They use learners’ own experiences to encourage meaningful conversation.
Students are referred to the Grammar Extra pages at the back of the Student’s Book for extended explanations and further practice.
Useful Phrases provide students with functional language that is immediately usable outside the classroom.
Vocabulary Extra pages at the end of every unit explore key lexical areas such as collocation and verb patterns. At this beginner level, these pages focus on recycling the unit vocabulary in context in lexical sets.
The Grammar Extra pages at the back of the book provide a summary of the new grammatical structures with an explanation and extra exercises.
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