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The Teacher's Book provides ideas for lead-in, further practice, extension, and personalization activities for each unit, as well as answers, recording scripts and additional, photocopiable reading and speaking activities. Each unit begins with a page of background notes about the sector of business that is dealt with, containing lists of useful websites that provide more in-depth knowledge and information about the topic of each unit.

The teaching notes for each module contain the following:

  • Classroom procedure and task management notes
  • Ideas for lead-in activities in the About Business modules
  • Ideas for further practice and extension activities
  • A full answer key for the exercises in the Student's Book
  • Recording scripts for all the listening activities
  • Suggestions on how and when to use the Internet Research tasks
  • Tips for tailoring activities to suit lower- or higher-level classes
  • Answer keys for the Review and Grammar and Practice sections
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