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The Daily Bite & News items

The Daily Bite provides a different snippet of language each day, available at three levels and complete with audio.

News items are graded and updated weekly from the Guardian, complete with ready-to-use exercises.

Test Compiler

Pre-built tests and a separate database of activities covering grammar, listening and reading comprehension to create custom-made tests; all teachers need to do is set up the test, assign it to students and sit back until they have completed it and there’s no need for manual marking.

Culture World

An area integrated into English Campus offering rich audiovisual material, with hundreds of videos in a variety of accents and real-life contexts. Culture World blends activities and games to help teach functional language while encouraging students to cross cultural barriers.

Exam Practice

Practice exercises that mirror the real exam structure covering Cambridge English, IELTS, TOEFL® and TOEIC®.

Activities for all skills

Eleven interaction types to practice language, listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Every listening and pronunciation exercise includes voice recording and playback so students can practice and compare themselves to the speaker.


When a student completes an exercise, the result is immediately recorded in the automatic gradebook, saving teacher time and making it easy to monitor progress

Grammar Reference

Animations, videos, tips and example sentences to reinforce grammar knowledge and clear common doubts.

Course Building

The intuitive course-building tool guides you to create courses that are perfect for your syllabus, allowing you to use any of the resources in the database


Teachers can message students with links, homework or support. Students can communicate with teachers, clarify doubts and get feedback.

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