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General English
    Perfect to:
  • Get extra practice to accompany any CEFR-mapped coursebook
  • Work on all four language skills
  • Improve understanding of spoken and written English
  • Develop vocabulary and fluency
Business English
    Perfect to
  • Complement any business English coursebook
  • Learn business-specific vocabulary and expressions
  • Develop practical language to liaise with colleagues and customers
  • Improve English both in and out of the office
Exam Practice
    Perfect to
  • Practice the language and skills that will be tested in the exam
  • Understand the exam format
  • Develop effective strategies to navigate the test
  • Boost student's confidence
Academic English
    Perfect to
  • Use independently or complement any coursebook
  • Integrate language learning with academic and cultural development
  • Work on study skills
  • Become familiar with University life
Coursebook Practice
    Perfect to
  • Add the benefits of online practice to your Macmillan coursebook
  • Use with mixed-ability classes and address each student's needs
  • Offer extra materials to the most motivated students
  • Assign as homework
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