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  • Bebop uses a multi-sensory approach to learning, with a combination of music, actions, signs and language to engage different learning styles.
  • A strong literacy strand introduces storytelling through the animated Storysongs.
  • Bebop helps to create the optimum state for language learning and retention by placing music at the heart of the course, and using American Sign Language (ASL) to assist in the learning and memory of new vocabulary.
  • A varied, dynamic component mix includes a digital teacher's Presentation Kit, featuring interactive video Flashcards with ASL signs, Action Song videos, and animated Storysongs.
  • A strong home-school connection, through the Bebop Band app and the Parent's Guide, makes Bebop perfect for encouraging parents to support their child's learning. There is further home-school material on the online Teacher's Resource Center.
Every Lesson 1 has a Mini-song for children to sing along with. The Mini-song features key language from the unit and later becomes the chorus of the Storysong in Lesson 3.
Lesson 1 introduces the topic-based unit vocabulary.
In Lesson 2, the key language is a grammar structure, taught through a dialog.
Lesson 3 in each unit is the Storysong, exposing children to early literacy skills, numbers and counting practice.
In each lesson, the panel at the foot of the page shows the lesson activities, and, in most lessons, the key language and key language review.
Every Lesson 4 includes an activity with the storyboard cut-outs, encouraging children to retell the Storysong from the previous lesson. This develops narrative skills.
Lesson 4 introduces further topic-based vocabulary and another grammar structure.
Lesson 6 is a CLIL lesson, introducing a subject such as math, science, or social studies into the classroom.
Lesson 7 of each unit is based around an Action Song that supports children’s language learning through the Total Physical Response (TPR) approach. The Action Song videos in the Presentation Kit offer dance routines to strengthen gross motor skills.
Lesson 8 provides a review of the unit language and concepts.
Children are directed to the My Progress pages at the end of the Student's Book to color in the correct number on their unit overview chart.
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