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Carol Read and Mark Ormerod

Pre A1 A2

American Tiger is a vibrant, new, 6-level primary course in American English. The Tiger concept gives overall coherence to the course and grows with the children in ways which are enjoyable and appropriate at each age and level, providing a context for learning and creating a strong course identity. In the early levels Students meet Tiger, and adorable soft toy who comes alive when adults aren’t around! His owners are Jay and Sue, brother and sister who have exciting adventures with Tiger. Helping children find out about the world (CLIL) are Ping and Pong, a clever cat and a dopey dog. At the end of each unit, there is also Kids’ Culture, comprising a traditional song, rhyme or game, and an activity in which children compare an aspect of another culture with their own.

In the higher levels Students learn through the Tiger Tracks Social Learnin Network, where students communicate with children in other coutries and share ideas and opinions learning about other cultures.

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