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The starring feature of Happy Campers is the Flipbook. This contains a Student Book and The Language Lodge which is a 32-page vocabulary and grammar workbook. Students work with the activities in the Student Book and then flip the book over to work with the practice activities in the Language Lodge. It's two components for the price of one and provides significantly more language practice.

Six of the eight lessons in the Student Book work over a spread which means there are elements used in two lessons: aiding language retention and building confidence in new words and grammar. Language is presented and practiced through high-energy echoes, chants, and cheers. The rhythms help students remember the language and add to the sense of fun to make students and teachers happy campers! Also, since students have all of the new language in the early lessons, the rest of the lessons are dedicated to providing students with varied practice opportunities.

An episodic comic strip story, “Happy Camp,” in the Student Book follows the adventures of a group of children at an activity camp. The comic strip, as well as being fun reading practice, develops listening skills by applying new vocabulary and grammar structures in context.

Communication and collaboration are essential 21st century skills. Make and Play! lessons provide the opportunity for students to create and engage in a game while using the target language of the unit in a student-centered context.

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