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This CD-ROM is designed for use on an interactive whiteboard, although equally it can be used with a laptop and projector combination. It contains four key elements.

  • Slide presentations: one presentation per unit uses photos, quality graphics and audio to enable learners to visualize scientific, historical and geographical concepts in context. Children can participate orally by reading the text collectively and discussing the slides.
  • Interactive posters: digital versions of the print posters include a zoom feature to highlight specific vocabulary areas; hotspots offering feedback via hidden texts; interactive matching activities; and audio icons to indicate where there is pronunciation of key words and accompanying audio for reading texts.
  • Animations: animations demonstrate a variety of concepts, clarifying them for more effective learning.
  • Simulation: simulations show how key concepts work, such as the food chain. They allow students to hypothesize the outcome, carry out the investigation on-screen, then discuss the results in class.
  • The four different presentation methods are accessed directly through each unit.

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