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The Pupil's Book consists of an introductory unit, 12 content-based units, and a Review every four units (at the end of every term). A thorough approach to scientific content and method, integrated with English Language Teaching techniques such as stories, songs and raps, facilitate the acquisition of content and concepts. Language is carefully graded according to the maturity of the learners.

Each unit opens with a two-page introduction to the unit topic, starting with photographs and activation questions allowing children to talk about what they already know, and followed by a short reading text to introduce the new language. Typically, six one-page lessons develop the unit content, including at least one Let’s Investigate! section, which presents practical, easy-to-do experiments and gives students the opportunity to hypothesize and discover answers for themselves.

There is one page of reading skills development, with a comic strip story to extend learning and promote more independent thinking. A set of carefully designed tasks is used to scaffold learners in their thinking and support them with short written responses. In levels 5-6, there are also six magazine-style Amazing Science pages, for a more authentic reading experience. A further page develops writing skills: in levels 3-4, this takes the form of My Science Project, encouraging more independent learning and writing. The unit ends with a final double-page topic review, where the Let’s Revise! page revisits the main concepts and language of the unit, and the Learning to Learn page offers learning strategies to promote autonomous learning, and includes a short self-assessment section for children to evaluate their knowledge and skills.

The Pupil's Book at levels 1-2 includes a picture dictionary, cut-outs and stickers, and the Vocabulary and Songs CD.

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