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Critical thinking, critical literacy and storytelling are at the hub of Story Central, a beautiful six-level primary course. With a rich literacy strand students are exposed to a variety of genres throughout the accompanying Reader. Students are taught to critically examine stories, working together to find meaning. Every chapter (unit) covers key language and includes a feature story, a grammar corner, CLIL content and a project lesson. Each level has a Student Book, a Reader to develop students' reading skills and an Activity Book with Cambridge English: Young Learner test-style practice activities.

  • Supports the development of literacy and a love of reading and writing.
  • Develops 21st Century Skills that foster critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.
  • Contains Oral Storytelling Videos that encourage children to become active and engaged readers and storytellers while music videos and American Sign Language Videos make language memorable.
  • Prepares students for exams with Cambridge English: Young Learners practice activities.
Vocabulary is introduced with visual cues, using recorded pronunciations so that students can practice sounds, easing them into less controlled activities.
Questions are introduced early in the chapter, to encourage curiosity to make language purposeful for students in class.
Story Central's literacy strand sets it apart from other English courses; a beautiful Reader with an original story per chapter is paired with the Student Book, in which activities create curiosity to continue reading the feature story.
Oral Storytelling Videos encourage reading while music videos and American Sign Language Videos make language memorable.
Students are encouraged to think critically about the story and its moral, developing empathy.
Find Out More! points require students to ask, practicing interrogative language, as well as study independently to find out more information about given areas of the new language.
Every chapter contains a project lesson as consolidation.
Reviewing is critical to internalizing language: Story Central ensures language is always reviewed, making teachers’ job easier and helping children push words from their passive vocabulary knowledge into active vocabulary.
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