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Ready forLanguage Practice SeriesonestopenglishMacmillan School Dictionary
  • A strong, systematic focus on the essential skills and subskills required for learning and using a language
  • A topical, teen-relevant life skills syllabus providing students with transferable 21st century skills which they can use in their lives beyond the classroom

    Life Skills are introduced accross 5 topics:

    • Know yourself (self-awareness)
    • Get organised (planning and organisation)
    • Get thinking (critical thinking, problem solving and creativity)
    • Respect others (social skills and cultural awareness)
    • Communicate & Cooperate

    There's one Life Skills topic discussed per unit. Each topic is covered twice in every level of Go Beyond. The pages are visually different to set the life skills apart from other content of the book and the life skills pages are called Languge&Beyond

  • A video strand which have been specially produced for Go Beyond: The Moving Picture videos, which bring the opening spread of every unit to life for students.
  • Thorough, contextualised grammar presentations, backed up with plenty of practice opportunities and a detailed grammar database. There are two grammar pages per unit.
  • Go Beyond also includes regular reviews and progress checks to ensure that students are on the right track as they continue through the course.

After every two units, there is a two page skills-based Progress Check. The Progress Checks also include tips on how to deal successfully with the various tasks.

Each lesson starts with a Recall activity, focusing on activating prior vocabulary knowledge.
Each unit in Go Beyond opens with a highly-visual and inviting double-page lesson.
The first lesson in every unit of the Go Beyond Student’s Book is not only supported by a range of images related to the unit topic, but also includes ‘The Moving Picture’ video which uses a variety of video types (slide shows, researched clips, vox pops, etc) to bring the pages to life in an accessible and motivating way.
Subskills: All reading, listening, speaking and writing lessons have an integrated subskills focus that teaches students transferable linguistic strategies to maximise their learning.
Reading lessons include an integrated, but explicit subskills focus designed to teach students how to successfully read and understand a wide variety of text types. All the reading texts in Go Beyond are particularly engaging and motivating for teenage students.
Grammar: The target grammar is always presented in context and students are encouraged to work out rules from examples. In Go Beyond there are two grammar pages per unit.
Listening and vocabulary: Listening comprehension tasks are designed to support understanding and not to test. They enable students to progress from a focus on global understanding to an understanding of specific details. Students are also asked to react personally to what they hear.
The Language & Beyond page is the life skills lesson.. The life skills lessons are grouped under five umbrella headings: Know yourself, Get organised, Get thinking, Respect others, and Communicate & cooperate.
Every Speaking page is based on a real-life scenario and presents functional language that students need to communicate in everyday situations. The Speaking pages are carefully structured to ensure students are fully prepared for the final speaking task. Every Speaking page includes a specially commissioned video, which features teenage drama group actors exemplifying the key language in a natural and engaging way.
The writing lesson in each unit allows students to put everything they’ve learned in the unit into practice. Students are systematically guided to plan, write and check their writing to produce a final draft.
The Unit Review page allows students to check and assess their own progress in vocabulary and grammar. After every two units, there is a two page skills-based Progress Check. The Progress Checks also include tips on how to deal successfully with the various tasks.
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