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  • A structured skills program integrates reading, writing, listening, and speaking development into every unit, while grammar is presented through entertaining texts and dialogs which provide a realistic context for the target language.
  • Vocabulary is organized by topic with a focus on vocabulary learning strategies.
  • A task-based approach encourages students to draw on their personal reactions to topics and texts, while critical thinking skills and personalization are promoted with the Your Response feature.
  • Differentiation caters for mixed-ability classes, with extension activities in every lesson, and there is an emphasis on learner independence, study skills, and self-assessment.
  • CLIL pages in the Workbook and extra CLIL webquests on the website provide even more opportunities for students to learn English through other subjects.
  • Inspired Interactive Classroom software includes cross-curricular and cross-cultural video material, with accompanying worksheets.
  • The Inspired resource site at www.macmillanenglish.com/inspired provides extra language practice materials, cross-curricular and culture lessons, webquests, CEFR information, and a social networking section.
The Opener activates students' prior knowledge and sets the scene for the reading text or listening passage.
Lessons offer explicit lexical development through Word Banks of lexical sets and vocabulary exercises.
The Your Response feature encourages critical thinking skills and personalization.
Lessons have one or more Extension activities offering more challenging practice for fast-finishers.
Language Workout boxes highlight the target language with sentences from the reading text or paradigms for the students to complete. Students are referred to the Language File at the back of the book where they can check their answers, see further explanations and do a practice exercise.
The fourth lesson per unit is an Integrated Skills lesson where the four skills support each other, usually moving from a reading text, through speaking and listening activities based on the reading, to conclude with a guided writing task for which the other skills have prepared the students.
Learner Independence sections typically include three activities, focusing on learning to learn, vocabulary development, and idiomatic expressions.
This Phrasebook section helps students learn idiomatic expressions in context. They find the expressions in the unit, practice pronunciation, then complete a short follow-up activity: in this case, matching synonyms.
Inspired EXTRA! includes fun activities like games, puzzles and skits.
Consolidation and challenging Extension activities cater for mixed-ability classes, offering opportunities for both less confident students and fast finishers respectively.
The Language Links section aims to raise plurilingual awareness. Students are encouraged to see how the brain is used for producing language.
In Your Choice!, students choose and do the activity they like best. These activities reflect different learning styles and the aim is to encourage awareness of learning styles and foster learner independence.
Culture sections at the end of every other unit provide both factual information and the opportunity for cross-cultural comparisons. The section illustrated here deals with sightseeing.
The Mini-Projects in the Culture sections typically use the text as a model and invite the students to work in pairs and write about aspects of their own culture.
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