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Mind series is based on the philosophy that language is a life skill - a skill for communicating and connecting with others in our everyday lives. The Mind Series recognizes the need for students to develop vital, higher-order skills that apply to their academic, professional and social lives. Skills such as critical thinking, organization, collaboration and problem solving, referred to throughout the course as lifeSkills and masterSkills, are taught in an integrated way alongside language skills, through real, relevant tasks.

The four language skills are systematically developed through the detailed skills platform, combining strong communicative practice and pronunciation to create a fully balanced course. There are clear objectives for each unit, and a real drive to encourage learner independence through a wealth of components: Mind blends print materials with a resource-rich website for teachers and students, an online practice environment, and an accompanying DVD. Each level is supported by these dynamic, digital components, offering both learners and teachers resources that will empower them in the English language classroom and the real world beyond!

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