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The Teacher's Book offers carefully planned procedural notes to help teachers prepare, present and follow up on the unit material. Also included are:

  • Unit Plan boxes at the start of each unit, with the target language, objectives, and suggested timing for the different sections of the unit.
  • Common European Framework mapping for every unit.
  • Lead-in optional activities that require no additional preparation.
  • Background Culture Notes on people, events, places, or what people in English-speaking countries would do or say in a particular situation.
  • Alternative boxes give teachers different approaches to the material, addressing different learning styles, and providing challenging alternatives for high achievers as well as helping students who need extra support.
  • Extra boxes, ideal for fast finishers, with a range of language practice activity types and homework to extend the language point.
  • Ideas on how to best exploit the Language Wrap-up section, whether in class or as homework.
  • A complete answer key.
  • Audioscripts for the listening tasks in the Student's Book.
  • Teachers also have an access code to the Teacher's Resource Centre and the Online Workbook in the Teacher's Book, which they can use to measure students' performance and progress through the gradebook area.
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