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  • The supporting interactive whiteboard material projects the entire Student's Book onto the big screen and embeds all the audio, video, answers and a host of games.
  • Each Workbook has a partial Macmillan Reader for the relevant level at the back of the book, as well as a dedicated writing course.
  • The comprehensive Teacher's Book now contains a Teacher's Resource Disc which includes twelve 2-3 min video clips of authentic footage from the BBC and ITN (UK television networks) per level, and new methodology videos from Jim Scrivener's Learning Teaching Third Edition.
  • A new online practice component is now accessible using a code in the Student's Book, including a new interactive word list with pronunciation, over 130 interactive activities per level, and a markbook facility that teachers can connect to and follow students' progress.
  • The resource website for teachers www.macmillanstraightforward.com, offers additional reading texts and teaching support.
Different reading sub-skills are developed, such as reading for gist and for detail.
A deductive approach to grammar gives students guidance and scaffolding for learning.
Students are always supported by the Language Reference pages at the end of each unit, giving them a further opportunity to clearly see and understand the language they have just learned.
Difficult and out-of-context words from the reading text are given in a dictionary extract or a glossary so students are not distracted by these lexical hurdles.
Collocations and associated patterns are drawn out of the language and highlighted to students.
Speaking activities are scaffolded: as the activity develops, students 'discover' the language they need to complete the task.
Interesting and motivating reading texts arise naturally as the topic develops, and can lead to discussion.
Inductive or 'discovery' approach to grammar is used as students progress. They discover the language themselves, guided by their teacher.
Functional language sections help students with common, everyday situations in an English-speaking environment.
Extracting details from the realistic listening texts focuses students' attention on the importance of natural intonation and other elements of pronunciation, and gives them guided practice.
Communicative activities for pair or group work offer students opportunities to put new language into practice through role-plays.
Students are exposed to interesting cultural information using the language they have been focusing on in 'Did you know?' sections.
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